How to Care for Concrete Floors

Llet us talk about how you can ensure your concrete floors last a lifetime. These steps will help you maintain concrete floors with ease and effectiveness. Contact the Concrete Contractor Tulsa OK Pros for more information.

1. Make sure you tidy up every day

Concrete is extremely durable but it still needs to be maintained. It is easy to maintain concrete if you just tidy up often.

To remove dirt and debris from concrete floors, sweep them daily.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately

Do not track in ice-melt, which bores into concrete.

Use concrete-friendly cleaners that are safe for the environment when cleaning your floor.

2. Polish once or twice a year

Concrete flooring can lose its sheen over time. A concrete polishing company can help you fix this problem.

Make sure to choose a cleaning service that is qualified and has the appropriate equipment.

Consider asking your concrete installer (like us!) Ask your concrete installer (like us!) for tips on how to polish your floors properly so that they last.

3. Applying Sealant & Refurbishing every 4-7 years

Concrete can be damaged by heavy foot traffic. You can give your flooring a new lease of life by applying a fresh coat sealant to smoothen any minor scratches.

Sealant application requires expertise and the right technique, just like yearly polishing.

It is possible to use special equipment. We recommend that you contact a concrete company like ours to help with this professional care.

Learn the benefits of concrete flooring for your property

Concrete floors look great and are easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for many uses, including residential or commercial.

Kwik Concrete Contractor Tulsa’s team will gladly provide you with a space assessment and a concrete pouring proposal to benefit your property in Tulsa.

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